Sunday, 20 May 2007

Little a bit of the past.

I am rather unpolisced than educated man, thaught widely read since I have had plenty of time to read.
I had followed the sea when I was at age of ten, by taking part in the fishing at sea and learn to row the boat under the strict command of those fishersmen, I very early bacame know how tasted the hard work and how the callus grew in my palms. Hard it was, and the hardness was as everydays life in those days on that coastal region, it prepared me to the hardship. Almost every young lads on that waterfron were waiting the right age to com when he could have the pasport and is allowed go to sea.The sea was not only the great higway out to the world, it was also the means- addition earn the money -also get out see to the word since in that time there was very litle other way to travel widelly. When I was filled sixteen years I joined to merchant service, signin on my fist foreing going ship as a galley boy. At last my desire was realized.
I have faced the dangers of the sea which have been part of my life and heritage of seamen as well as the spell of beach-comber when there were not a ship to sign on.
The nowvadays seaman cannot learn to be seaman in the old sense, becouse there is not the ships and the ship's comppany where to be learn the seamanship and he cannot keep himself physically fit becouse there is not the work to do.
When sailor was off paied and they steped on shore with their money, they were soon sunrouded by landcharks, male and females.